Correctorate, Lectorate & Translations

Besides painting, language is another of my passions. As an academically trained language expert, I offer proofreading and lectorate services in German and English, as well as German-English and English-German translations for correspondence, school and student texts/theses, reports, articles, brochures, short stories, etc.


In proofreading, the text is improved in terms of linguistic accuracy with regard to
  • spelling,
  • grammar and
  • punctuation.
Price: CHF 85 per hour (as of 2022)


In addition to the correctorate, the lectorate offers additional improvements in
  • sentence structure,
  • expression,
  • style,
  • word repetition,
  • filler words,
  • terms and abbreviations.
Logic and consistency are given equal attention.

Price: CHF 100 per hour (as of 2022)
For an additional CHF 20 per hour, outline, formatting and presentation are also corrected.


Translations are charged per standard line of the translated text. A standard line contains 55 characters including blanks.

As of 2022: CHF 3.20 is charged per standard line for the translation.

Minimum rate: CHF 96 (standard page, corresponding to 30 standard lines).

Express surcharges: 50%-100%