The underlying themes of my artwork can be grouped into series.

Most obviously, they can be subsumed into
Musical Musings - rounding off my own singing and piano playing
Southern Soliloquy - its landscapes, the dark chapter of segregation, architecture, music and actors
Swiss Series - evoking the Alpine homeland
Hollywood Hype - doing credit to the actors' guild artistically channeling our attention to certain issues; and
Women's Empowermentthe right to a voice, education, as well as all the principles of gender equality.

Surely there could be many more, from any kind of angle. However, these five seem to be the recurrent pillars my brushes keep leading me back to. Working from Switzerland, I will add some images of that group; of the Women's Empowerment series, since much still needs to be done there; and of the Musical Musings, whose melodies always accompany the creative process.

Swiss Series

Women's Empowerment

Musical Musings